uncuth collective.

“That which is unfamiliar is often perceived as strange, wild, or unpleasant.”

we'll change that


uncuth collective

We are explorers of the unknown.

We take delight in playfully exploring the nature of things, 
even though we know, we might never KNOW.

We aren’t quick to define ourselves or cement our opinions.


We admit the only universal truth there is; CHANGE.

Or is it?

We’re a collective of people who love art and philosophy;
who aren’t hung up on ideals, identity politics or being “intelligent”.

We LOVE  to kick up dust and then complain we cannot see.

Our practice is embodying that this is all part of the DANCE.
To CREATE  is to HEAL ourselves.

We're learning to 'go with the flow' and accept our resistance;
fighting it can make the journey more painful.

BUT... the questions rise again;
maybe it's the fight that teaches us the most and pushes us to grow?

Who are we to KNOW??
We may as well ENJOY trying!

We’re here to embrace the uncūth. 

We ARE  uncouth!

We need to embody our uncouthness to begin the creative process.

By embracing our uncūth side we open ourselves up to
ALL the facets of understanding,
which in turn helps to fuel compassion.

Being 'uncouth' means to us; being able to follow your authentic self,
however weird or wonderful that may be!

PLUS... who said we have to follow the rules!





DEC 1ST 2018


LA Burning Man Regional Fundraising Event

"When you arrive at the event, you will be given a bag of tokens. Use these tokens to “vote”… help us decide… how to distribute $15,000 in grant monies to the participants of BEquinox 2019."

Find out more HERE.

MARCH 20TH - 24TH 2019


LA Burning Man Regional Celebration

"We take the collective memories of the
past events with us into this new incarnation with the intent that we will grow… slowly… purposefully… letting the love, art and community embrace and sustain us
into the future. "

Find out more HERE.

AUG 25TH - SEPT 2ND 2019


The Original & Official Burn
"A city in the desert.
A culture of possibility.
A network of dreamers and doers."

The Man burns on August 31, 2019

For you project-minded folks, Burning Man begins 31 weeks from now, which is 15 bi-weekly meetings, and roughly 62 weekend workdays away!

Find out more HERE.

NOVEMBER 1ST - 3RD, 2019

Venice Beach Afterburn

LA Burning Man Regional Celebration

"The Venice Afterburn is a daytime art and music festival that takes place every year in Venice Beach, California.  Artists are invited to bring their art cars, theme camps, burner bikes, interactive installations and other playa art for three days of magic by the beach. The event is free to the public."

Find out more HERE.


Absolute Best of Long Beach Awards

Hosted by Long Beach Home + Living and Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA)

"The time is here for the biggest community celebration in our city! The Absolute Best of Long Beach! You nominate, you vote, you choose
the winners!"

Find out more HERE.

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